“weaving oneself’s cocoon until the lover’s return” “As her lover left for the sea her soul ached more then she could take the world seemed to wither and die color seeped out of everything time still moved on slowly, dragging from her heart a cocoon she began to weave a sort of death, a suspension from living wrapping herself inside of their memories to hide away from the feelings, the loneliness, the emptiness and on the day of her lover’s return she’ll rise out… Read more »

“this sea of my longing“ “call the navy back for i have created a new ocean from the tears i shed waiting on your return surrounded by this sea of my longing perhaps it will carry you home to me”   Soon my husband will be on deployment again and lately i have been thinking about the loneliness that comes during it. i love him so much and knowing there will be months without him always hurts to think about… Read more »

 “immersed beyond words” Immersed Sound becomes silence, the air becomes still Characters become familiar acquaintances It seems the world I know vanished No more am I, who I am I am now immersed. How far, how far do I go? The line between reality and fantasy has become unclear I have indeed reached a place, a place I longed for It is a place I cannot leave, I will not leave The pages flow with ease One more, just one… Read more »

“a change from within” last night, i was fortunate to exhibit my work in the oceanside artwalk in oceanside,ca.  it was my first time showing in california and it was a wonderful night! i also want to thank everyone who came out to the artwalk! at the event i revealed two new pieces, this piece titled, “a change from within” being one of them. both pieces are very different but are along the same theme…MAKING CHANGES.  with my health issues and… Read more »

{8/52} “take to the sky” “I just want a little passion To hold me in the dark I know I’ve got some magic Buried deep in my heart, yeah But my priest says You ain’t saving no souls My father says You ain’t making any money My doctor says You just took it to the limit And here I stand With this sword in my hand You can say it one more time What you don’t like Let me hear… Read more »

{6/52} “when eating an elephant” i am not an artist who can take what others suggest and make an image. my work has to come from me for me to actually think and create it. i have had some ideas given to me but drawn total blanks trying to make it work. it’s frustrating as some of these ideas were amazing. recently however, a dear friend of mine spoke to me of a quote that she held onto through a… Read more »

{3/52}”absence of faith” today’s post is a double hitter not only is this pic part of my 52 week project, but i am also using it for my “get in the pic” blog circle for this month. (for those not in the know, a blog circle is a group of photographers that photograph based on a theme and each links to someone in the group so when YOU the viewer clicks through the links you’ll eventually end up back here.)… Read more »

{1/52} “held by worry” with this image, i am starting a 52 week photo project. it will challenge me to become more creative and to actively create artwork every week. time and time again i put aside making art for “life”. how quickly i forget my life includes art. all of my art derives from thoughts, feelings, emotions, and all the chaos in my head. it is my way to get it out. it is almost like a therapy for me. well,… Read more »