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“facing the sea of possibilities” from the journey series

here is a new image in the journey series titled, “facing the sea of possibilities.” i am so excited for this piece! for those that have been following along, i have been making changes and coming out of my dark place. there are set backs of course but i am beginning to feel alive again with possibilities and more hope then i had in a long time. i am hyper with some things coming up in the next few months and also for goals and plans i am beginning to make. the medicine i think is a big help, as it has calmed down my brain enough for me to stay positive for longer and really enjoy things in the moment. my husband and family have been a huge support and of course my photography is a driving force in making me happy again.

sidetrack….i am part of an amazing photography group online and recently got the chance to meet two wonderful ladies from it, jennifer esneault photography and robin jansky photography, when they visited san diego for a senior photography conference. jennifer came a day early to meet with me and we went to sunset cliffs and i got to shoot this image for the journey series and another one with jennifer modeling that i am revealing at the upcoming oceanside artwalk on march 6th. (i am SUPER excited about that image so stay tuned to see it!) robin modeled for a new eater portrait so that is coming soon also! meeting other photographers is amazing and i can NOT express how much i love it! even if they shoot in different genres it is just too much fun working with others! jennifer wrote the sweetest post about our meetup. and yes i crashed their senior conference just a little and as gorgeous as their models are and all i still think it would have been more interesting with seaweed and octopuses and stuff. lol. but more on my meetup up with those fantastic ladies later! (when i share their portraits)

so back to the shot, between meeting two fabulous photographer friends, an upcoming showing at an artwalk and some other changes i have been making in my life, i have found myself at the sea of possibilities with a lightness in my heart and an excitement for what lays ahead! i even got over my fear of making a video and made one showing some screen shots of my editing process! don’t forget, you can subscribe to my blog on the side of this page!

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