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“a dream of change”

i want to start creating conversations with everyone so i have a new thing i am going to do and i NEED YOUR HELP in making this a success in participation! (i’m afraid i will only hear crickets and no one will submit an image)

so most of my work is inspired by music and i use lyrics in a lot of my titles. so i am going to start an inspiration challenge where i post a song and ask ALL OF YOU to use the song or lyrics as inspiration and create a piece. then submit your piece to me (it can be a web sized, watermarked image) by the due date i give. I will share all your works and also my own piece inspired by the song on a blog post!

DO NOT BE AFRAID of submitting. do what you want, take an image that makes you happy, create what you feel like doing. it does NOT have to be a surreal/conceptual piece! i want to see WHAT YOU create, how YOU see the world and what inspiration makes you do! i repeat, this does not have to be a crazy composited piece, just something you create that is inspired by the song! i want to see what YOU create given the same inspiration! i love how we all find different interpretations in art and music and i love seeing completely different works based on the same themes.

to get this started, i will make this first one a contest! i will choose the winner from the submissions and they will win an 8×8 signed print of “the great escape” from me. 

this first one is going to be a fairly easy inspirational song to me. it is where my mind is at right now and i am creating lots of pieces based on a similar theme. the first song is going to be Lana Del Rey‘s “i can fly” from the big eyes soundtrack. here is a link to the audio on youtube.

Let’s have submissions due to me no later then March 21st! You can email them to me at

remember . . . HAVE FUN with this!


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