in the darkness a light appears

“in the dark a light appears”

where do i begin? something fantastic, amazing, unbelievable and life changing has happened! we all know i am a bit obsessed with the photographer brooke shaden. not only is she a phenomenal awe-inspiring photographer but it was HER creative live class last year that got me to create art photography again. (since i stopped after college.) it didn’t end there, her posts are soo incredibly humble, motivational, encouraging and inspiring that they helped me keep up and gave me the push to keep going forward and not to quit. she truly is an amazing person to listen to even if you do not do photography! and i HIGHLY recommend you to check out her promoting passion blog. it is now a goal and a dream of mine to meet her and take a class from her in person.

so back to what happened. she had a posted about the after dark photography education convention. and was going to be able to give away one free spot to attend where she will be teaching. You had to reply with a paragraph :

“about how you think that this experience will help your future. We’ll be picking one winner to join us! Do you have something in your life like this? Something that makes you feel like you are okay to be yourself? A person, place, thing? Please do share, I love knowing what is near and dear to your heart.”

i am not in a great financial situation (totally my fault i’ll own up to it) so many things in photography i must just dream about and attending conventions, workshops (brooke shaden workshops especially) are among those things. well yesterday as i went to upload a new image to facebook i saw my art page had a message. as i clicked over to read it i was completely blown away and in SHOCK that it was a message from the one and only brooke shaden. to me. just that alone knocked me out of the hemisphere! She told me she was extending the free spot to ME and was touched by what i wrote. well. let’s just say i FLIPPED OUT. screaming, instant crying like a baby, shaking, hyperventilating. . . the works. my husband waited patiently as i tried to stutter out what had happened. he smiled and laughed in the cutest way and hugged me and said i know how much this means to you this is awesome. This is a HUGE life changing thing for me. this will help me and my photography i can not even begin to think how much(tremendously for sure!!) and i will meet brooke shaden. in person. i will learn from her, in person. i have been soo inspired and motivated by her all through online i can NOT imagine what it will be like to soak up her positiveness, passion, inspiration, knowledge in person! this is truly a dream of mine come true. i can not come close to express what i am feeling. how this will change me and help me. it’s just. . . . i’m speechless. i still come to tears thinking about it. i also get to attend the after dark convention which sounds like one of the most awesome photo conventions out there. i get to meet other creative types, artists who find themselves through their work like me. i get to learn from top notch photographers. i get to be there! talking the photography talk with others! talking concepts and lighting, prints and making a living from this. talk about cameras, lenses, posing, making your images truly speak what’s in your heart.

all i can say is for anyone struggling right now. to keep trudging along. how hard that is to do. just keep moving. keep creating. keep learning. keep breathing. dreams DO come true. good things will happen to you again. you have to keep trying. you will stumble upon the light in time. and because you went through the dark to get to it, everything will be brighter and more meaningful to you. i had this pose for the image above done and was trying to think what i could do with it. this experience has already changed me. immediately this girl became not a prisoner but  survivor. she is rescued.  someone found her.

if you would like to see the original post for this giveaway and my response click here. my reply is a bit down but i used my full name (there is a robin a few before me) i’m about the 22nd reply.




O H   M Y    G O D   I    A M   G O I N G    T O    M E E T   B R O O K E   S H A D E N ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i am going to go freak out happily again. . . .


**note: this post was orginally posted Feb. 21, 2014