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“the time to fly has come”


so last month, i issued a challenge/inspiration prompt/contest. i asked people to listen to lana del rey’s “i can fly” song and create an image inspired by it. my images reflect my moods and lately my mood has been about change and changing. i feel like this song has really hit that point home for me. i had the amazing opportunity to meet a fabulous photographer i knew online for forever in person when she came to san diego for a senior photographer conference.  jennifer esneault is amazing, i love her and the time we got to spend together was magic. she is beyond a creative mastermind. ( i SWEAR i will post more on our meetup later) of course, we had to make time for shooting! she asked if i could create an image of her, “Hear me out on this idea. I want you to make me a bird. At the sunset cliffs, I want to take a photo like I’m getting ready to fly. I was thinking today about how success is a double-edged sword and that I may fail. I don’t want to be a failure. that coupled with the fact that I have to FLY on a plane this week, I keep thinking about “fear of flying.” What better way to interpret that?” when she told me this i JUMPED at the chance because i had been working ideas in my head about change and of course what better way to show this then using birds? this song is what i used for inspiration and to me she is singing about her fears/depression holding her back and keeping her from really living. but the time has come for her to fly and she is beginning to look forward to that, to yearn for it. her time for change and better things is coming and she is ready to take a full leap into everything.

so this was the FIRST of my inspiration prompts. to kick it off i made this one into a contest! so the winner wins a signed 8×8 print of my image “the great escape.

i want to thank EVERYONE for their time and awesome images! i LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing how we all took the same inspiration and made such unique images and stories! getting the submissions was a joy and brighten my day on seeing each and every one! (it was hard to choose one to win!) make sure you click on their name which is a link to their webpage or facebook (even their pic will link you to their pages) so you can enjoy their wonderful work!



Shattered Silence Photography

“Finding The Will To Fly”

Finding The Will To Fly

this was sooo hard to choose a winner! but with this image i love the feeling i get looking at the model’s pose and expression. i definitely connected to the story in this image. i really liked how this image also reminds me of classic paintings! CONGRATULATIONS!!! (email me your mailing info!)


now in no particular order here are the rest of the entries!! be sure to follow everyone they are each unique and awesome photographers!! i loved looking at everyone’s submissions sooo much!


Sarah Jastre Photography 

“you had me caged up like a bird in the summer”


loved how she incorporated the cage around the model, while cages are gorgeous it is bittersweet and tragic to see such beauty trapped, how we know the object being held is not able to live up to its fullest potential.



Jennifer Esneault Photography


JTE_6390-b copy



i love her edging and i like how she used the wings in the shadows which to me shows that it is in our minds to be what we want to be.


Exposure Time by Kea

The poem that goes with the picture is:
When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness.
They wanted her to change back into what she always had been.
But she had wings.
Author unknown



i really liked her submission of the poem along with her image. and to me when i see the butterfly on her mouth i think of it as when change is on our minds its all we can talk about, at least for me it is! the simplicity of the image is powerful.



Robin Casey Photography

“I Had A Dream I Was Fine” 

I Had A Dream I Was Fine

this image i think is the most haunted (which i love), i don’t know why but the mist and the model’s expression leads to a eerie haunted atmosphere and i enjoyed that with this image.


Sarah Lacroix Photographie

“I Can Fly”

I can flyi love the crispness and the tones of this image. there is mystery in this story and i can’t look away, the motion of the bird and the model caught in a turn is a delight to see and interpret the story.



SO THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART to those who submitted! and i hope to see you all again the next inspiration prompt. stay tuned to the blog as i have many changes and news to bring in the next few months!!!


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  1. Robin Casey

    So great to see everyone’s results. Beautiful work! And what a hard job for you to pick a winner, Robin! Just LOVE Shattered Silence’s piece, gorgeous.

    Thanks for the challenge!

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