the journey series, robins spalding photography“finding the light again” from the journey series
the path gets steep, and hard to follow. its hard to breath and keep moving. she sees the light again but it is so far away and so high. she must keep going on but the weight of things makes her heavy. makes her slow down and each step is a struggle to continue. how easy it would be to lay down here and sleep forever. but time is still moving so she must keep moving. toward the light. so she gathers her courage with the last of her strength and turns quickly towards the light before the temptation of rest or going back downhill pulls her down. 

it has been a tough couple weeks, i am working again in retail management and finding it hard to find time for anything! i just want to sleep i am so exhausted. i KNOW i need to keep up my photography. i have been down lately about a few things the infertility, working all the time . . . etc. but i need to make sure to get photography into my schedule because not only is it dumb not to do it at this point since it is my dream to do this fulltime but also because it makes me truly happy when i photograph and edit. i get hyper and can NOT stop smiling and i feel like ME like this is what i am supposed to be doing with my life.

this was shot during my time with the amazing amani from amani alshaali photography. she visited LA and i got the wonderful chance to spend a day and a half with her. (i came very close to kidnapping her so i could spend more time with her!)but that is a whole other post for a day when i have time to write about it and share the images. soon i promise(maybe with some textures me and her shot! wink wink) though here is an awesome behind the scene shot she took of me doing the above shot:


i keep thinking over that weekend (the last time i shot something actually) and how truly incredible it was and how alive i felt. how i want that feeling everyday. that if i really want that i need to work at it. to keep shooting and editing. keep putting art images out. to research and find ways to get my work out there. to become the photographer i dream about being. to make my life filled with happiness and meaning and passion. i am still on a journey. right now i hit a rough patch in the road, i have slowed down and sometimes i think i maybe taking a few steps backwards. my feet seem to be stuck again and i feel like i feel off the road and am drowning but i will persevere. i have to.

and here’s one with me and amani, because i love her dearly.