“this sea of my longing

IMG_8256c copy

“call the navy back
for i have created a new ocean
from the tears i shed
waiting on your return
surrounded by this sea of my longing
perhaps it will carry you home to me”


Soon my husband will be on deployment again and lately i have been thinking about the loneliness that comes during it. i love him so much and knowing there will be months without him always hurts to think about but i am proud of him and his dedication and service. This is just something that comes with the territory. Many people always make the comment “i don’t know how you do it, i couldn’t.” But the truth is there is no other choice, i love him with every fiber of my being and will wait until the end of time for him if i have to. So of course my creativity is going into overdrive and ideas are coming quickly to me to help express all these feelings. Doing these images helps me get through these emotions a bit easier.

This image has a few details in it that mean a lot to me personally to tell my story. My necklace has two faces, representing not just the time of waiting but the different time zones we each find ourselves in and how that means the distance of the world between us. On my wedding ring finger a red string is tied to symbolize the red string of fate that ties me to my soulmate. However the string is tied down and tangled up in an anchor. This anchor represents a few things to me, the navy, home where i stay waiting for my love to return, and the feeling of being stuck in a set place and not being able to get to the one person i want to be with.


With this image i was able to try a concept i have been always wanting to do which is a flooded room. i got some great tips from this awesome joel robison tutorial video on adding water to a room scene. It was very tricky but i am happy with my final image! i have realized i need to get some more stock images in my library of water as i like to use my own stock images versus using others’ images.

i still don’t have a good video capture program to use so here is a quick video of screenshots throughout my editing process to create this image.

Music in video by Chris Zabriskie “The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan”

4 thoughts on “Creating Oceans

  1. Sarah Allegra

    I’m sorry that you will soon be separated from your love, but it’s wonderful how you’ve turned these difficult emotions into a beautiful piece of art. I’m sure many, many people can personally identify with how you feel here! I love the symbolism you used. I hope the time passes quickly and you are reunited with your beloved soon!

    1. robin spalding Post author

      thank you sarah! i hope the time passes quickly to! but with a new baby coming lol i think this deployment may fly by! (the busier you stay during deployments the faster and better they seem to go)

  2. J

    I love it. This is touching close to home. I was able to fell and live every words. Thank you for this . Awesome! !!!! Time will fly by and before you know it your love one will be back into your arms.

    1. robin spalding Post author

      thank you so much for your kind words! i am glad the image reaches out to you.

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