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“a change from within”

last night, i was fortunate to exhibit my work in the oceanside artwalk in oceanside,ca.  it was my first time showing in california and it was a wonderful night! i also want to thank everyone who came out to the artwalk! at the event i revealed two new pieces, this piece titled, “a change from within” being one of them. both pieces are very different but are along the same theme…MAKING CHANGES.  with my health issues and such, i have been making changes over the past few months to better myself, become happy(over the depression), calm myself and of course achieve my goals.  it is a long road but i am up for the challenge. i NEED to do this for myself. so of course as my artwork follows my mind and heart my latest images are all about changing. (see my last image “facing the sea of possibilities)

this piece to me is very special and meaningful. now i don’t want to tell you what i see in the image to force you to think that way. trust me i LOVE to hear others’ interpretations of my work, but i have been asked many times to share the story behind the images more. amd as i keep meaning to blog more i decided to share what my thoughts were in doing this image. so in this, the subject is chained and held back. but the chain only goes to herself. nothing but the subject is attached to these chains. It is her doubts, fears, and self that hold her back. her back is ripping open to show an almost cocoon inside of her that is growing feathers. because to me, to truly change, a person must accept and make the change from within themselves. no one can truly change a person unless that person wants to change. feathers show that this change is to become something more then what they are and to rise above their current situations. now, you may ask why feathers and not butterfly wings. i tend to shy away from butterflies because they are used so often it is hard to be unique with them. also i am more partial to birds so i like to use feathers and bird wings often. the ripping skin shows that change is hard, terrifying and sometimes painful. the feathers around show possible past attempts, or even maybe she pulled out the feathers in a fit of terror of what may happen when she changes. but the feathers continue to grow and the hope is for the subject to allow the change from inside herself and break her chains holding her back and rise to a better circumstance and place.

i included another video of screen shots from my editing process. these are sooo fun to do! i need to find a program to screen record my actual editing to do real speed edit videos but i am on PC and it is hard to find a good program for it. (if you know of one LET ME KNOW in comments. lol)

you can also view the video here on youtube